Zerto’s Virtual IT Solution

There are many data recovery services available for disaster recovery and business continuity.  However most recovery services are designed to only back up data in physical environments.  Not many IT solutions exist that back up virtual data.  Zerto is a software solution that simplifies data recovery services for virtual data.  Zerto Hypervisor-based replication seamlessly supports most virtual platforms.  Data recovery service experts at Clear Technologies will work with your business to implement a Zerto IT solution that’s tailored to your IT infrastructure.


Zerto’s data recovery service utilizes hypervisor-based replication to back up virtual data.  A hypervisor, also called a virtual machine manager, is a program that allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.  Hypervisor-based replication moves replication up the stack, above the resources abstraction layer into the virtualization/hypervisor layer.  Hypervisor-based replication enables automated data recovery with full orchestration of a single VM to an entire data center.

Zerto’s hypervisor technology has two main components that allow it to be an effective IT solution for the virtual environment.

Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM):ZVM works in the virtual space’s management console. By plugging into the console, ZVM is able to manage data traffic in real time.
Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA):VRA is a module that continuously replicates data from physical servers and sends it to the backup system

Zerto Benefits

Regardless of data location, IT solutions with Zerto adapt to virtual environments of any size and to a business’s data fluctuations.  Zerto offers improved data recovery services, because it replicates data in real time for recent and accurate data.  Zerto provides simplified management of your data recovery plan by providing automated failover, failback, and data recovery testing.  Zerto is hardware agnostic and can replicate data between disparate storage arrays.  Zerto’s data recovery services replicate information from technologies like Storage Area Network (SAN), and Network-Attached Storage (NAS).  Zerto also works with virtual disk storage solutions like Raw Device Mapping (RDM) and VMware File Systems (VMFS).  Only hypervisor-based replication locates and replicates data no matter where data resides or is moved to.

Clear Technologies utilizes Zerto solutions to design and implement data recovery solutions for our customers.