Extract More Business from your Data with IBM Cloud Object


New innovations create more opportunity, but also generate more data. With unstructured data growing exponentially, businesses are challenged to store and manage all of this data in order to access and turn it into a business advantage.

Traditional, on premise storage was not designed to handle data at this scale. While traditional on prim storage offers control, at this scale it is too complex and costly. Cloud storage can be simpler and less expensive up front, but lacks transparency and control. Neither traditional on prim or cloud storage allow you to place workloads wherever they make sense for your business needs.

Businesses need a new approach to help manage data growth and unpredictability that is also flexible, scalable and simple. IBM Cloud Object Storage combines the best aspects of cloud, on prim and hybrid deployment models, offering scalable cloud storage designed for high durability, resiliency and security. With IBM Cloud Object Storage you can store data and deploy dynamic workloads wherever it makes sense and move your storage as demands change.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Standard
– For your high performance applications and workloads that need to be accessed frequently.
IBM Cloud Object Storage Vault
– Ideal for archive, backup and other less frequently accessed workloads, delivered across the IBM cloud.
IBM Cloud Object Storage Dedicated
– For data with high security and compliance requirements.
– Leverage the IBM Cloud in a single tenant environment completely dedicated to your organization.

IBM is the only provider to offer one seamless platform that helps you extract more business value from your data than ever before. IBM Cloud Object Storage enables compelling customer experiences, new innovative business models, and faster, flexible operations.


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