Storage with Adam Earle 

Clear Technologies 

Hi, my name is an Adam Earle and I lead the storage practice here at Clear Technologies. I’m excited to share and show what Clear Technologies is doing in the realms of information lifecycle management and cloud object storage.
Industry-wide, over fifty percent of companies data is unstructured and more than two years old. This unstructured data is then stored on high performing, high cost storage – driving a dramatic increase in IT costs. Here at Clear technologies were architecting and implementing data solutions utilizing data analytics in order to make better decisions with your data.
We then take the result of that data analytics and we place the data into tiers and cloud object storage that better fits your business need and cost structure. This allows customers to better utilize their high performing and expensive storage, takes that data places it where it needs to be, and then take the unstructured data and moves it onto a tier or into the performing storage that makes more sense for the business need.
While doing this, its maintaining a high protection level to make sure their data is safe for the five, ten, twenty years or more that the customer needs to keep that data around. Let us show you here at Clear Technologies where we can better your business utilizing cloud object storage and information data management.