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May 2018 

Clear Technologies Wins West UC Horizon Award

Clear Technologies,was elected as the winner of the Horizon Award for Outstanding Partner Performance presented by West US. Clear was selected for this award based on its exceptional performance during 2017.

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Meet Clear’s New Chief Innovation Officer, Brian Murphy

Meet Clear Technologies’ new Chief Innovation Officer, Brian Murphy. Brian will also lead our Cognitive Practice Leader. In this role, Brian will focus on driving new business within the domains of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and analytics.

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What is Managing up

What is Managing Up and How Can It Help You?

The goal of managing up is to develop a pattern of interaction between your boss and you that delivers the best possible results for your organization (and by extension, for each of you). Understand how managing up can help you communicate better and improve your effectiveness at your company.

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Clear Technologies turns 25

In Case You Missed It: Clear Turns 25!

Clear Technologies celebrated its 25th anniversary in April. Read as COO, Phil Godwin, reflects on the past 25 years and looks forward to the future.

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April 2018 

IGF 2018 Excellence Award Winners - Clear Technologies

Clear Technologies Wins IBM Global Financing Excellence Award at Think 2018

Based on its excellence and commitment to IBM Global Financing, Clear Technologies was selected as the winner of the IBM Business Unit Excellence Award.

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IBM Think 2018

5 Takeaways from IBM Think 2018

IBM’s inaugural mega-conference, Think,  the week of March 18, 2018, and Clear Technologies was there en masse. There were many interesting and innovative sessions and conversations.  Here are five takeaways we at Clear Technologies left with.

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Clear Technologies

Melvin Eugene joins Clear Technologies 

Learn more about Clear Technologies latest hire, Melvin Eugene. He is responsible for New Business Account growth focusing on helping those new clients solve their most complex business requirements using Clear’s vast experience in the datacenter along with new solutions in IOT and AI.

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what is private cloud storage

What is private cloud storage and why is it important?

Cloud offers an extreme amount of flexibility and scalability for both new and existing workloads, but with a myriad of options within the major cloud provider portfolios, it can be difficult to wade through your options and find the best cloud solution for your business. Learn how Clear can help find the Cloud solution that is right for you.

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March 2018 

Improve application performance and user experience with SD WAN

Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) distributes network traffic across wide area networks utilizing software-defined networking to automatically route traffic to and from disparate sites such as remote offices, datacenters and distribution centers, enabling better user experiences, greater agility and improved security.

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Never miss a renewal with the Clear Technologies Client Portal

Ensuring that your ever-expanding IT environment is running smoothly can be exasperating, not to mention costly. Clear Technologies’ Client Contract Portal is here to help by providing up-to-date detail on your maintenance service levels and renewal dates.

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A simple, easy-to-use data availability solution for virtual machines.

Virtualization reduces infrastructure costs and allows for faster provisioning and deployment; however, like traditional infrastructure, Virtual Machines (VMs) still require protection, and replication tools can be expensive. Learn how you can trial a leading data protection and availability solution to see how it can benefit your business.

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Finding the right cloud solution for your organizations specific needs. 

Cloud offers an extreme amount of flexibility and scalability for both new and existing workloads, but with a myriad of options within the major cloud provider portfolios, it can be difficult to wade through your options and find the best cloud solution for your business. Learn how Clear can help find the Cloud solution that is right for you.

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February 2018 

What it means to be an IBM Champion.

The IBM Champion program recognizes innovation and thought leadership within the IBM technical community. Shawn Bodily, Clear Technologies’ resident AIX, PowerHA, Linux and Resiliency expert was declared an IBM Champion for Power his third year in a row this past month. Learn more about Shawn and what it means to be an IBM Champion.

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Don’t make this mistake when evaluating NVMe.

As you plan for the future, there are several things to consider to insure you maximize the value of NVMe technology. Avoid this mistake when evaluating your environments preparedness for NVMe.

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Getting a grip on storage management.

When there is not enough time or resources available to efficiently perform a storage environment analysis and accurately report and predict future storage requirements, organizations are left without many options to ensure their expanding IT environment is up and running. Learn how Visual Storage Intelligence will steer your storage management process so you can let go and focus on other tasks at hand.

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Which HPE Storage is right for you?

When it comes to choosing the right storage for your environment it can be difficult to sift throught the large number of options. This infographic simplifies the process by allowing you to figure out which HPE storage product would best match your needs.

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January 2018 

Are you confident in your business resilience strategy?

While many organizations are born-in or moving to the cloud, many companies still utilize tape backups as their primary way of backing up their system. Our Recovery Services fill an important gap in the IT marketplace; offering a reliable solution to users who thought high value cloud management services were beyond their reach.

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3 Key IT Features to
“do more with less”

It seems that every year IT management is asked to “do more with less.” Virtualization, Automation, and Simplification of an IT environment can enable businesses to do do this efficiently. Learn how Visual Storage Intelligence makes IT happen.

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Navigating the AI Era with IBM Power9

The deluge of data being produced today is happening at the same time IT budgets are being slashed.  Successful IT organizations are adapting by learning to ‘do more with less’. IBM has taken steps to make that easier with the introduction of the all new Power9 System.

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Clear’s 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Things have certainly changed since 1993! What hasn’t changed is our dedication to our clients. We are proud to announce that on March 1, 2018 we will be throwing a 25th anniversary party and we invite YOU to help us celebrate!

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December 2017

You Don’t Know how much REAL and Usable Free Space you have

The challenge with free space is not in identifying what is free or what is not. It is in the summarization and tracking where the information begins to lose its value. See how Visual Storage Intelligence can identify your free space.

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Thank You

With the year coming to an end, President Phil Godwin reflects on the past year at Clear Technologies.

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Clear Professional Services: Enhance Your IT Team

Our professional services can increase productivity, improve quality and decrease costs while adding expert-level skills to your organization.

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November 2017

Power AI – making data work for you.

Imagine being able to easily unlock hidden potential and patterns in data organically — without having to know the patterns, networks, or be an algorithmic expert. IBM is making deep learning easier with PowerAI and Clear Technologies is at the forefront of PowerAI development and capabilities.

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Optimizing Storage Efficiency in a Multi Vendor Environment.

Data storage is growing exponentially with new applications providing competitive advantages to customers, but this growth is also creating significant IT challenges. Learn how Visual Storage Intelligence helps businesses navigate these challenges.

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IT Resilience – a proactive approach to business continuity.

In today’s connected and evolving world, businesses need to be available to their customers 24/7. Solutions that move beyond backup and recovery to IT resilience keep the business running uninterrupted. Learn how Zerto’s Virtual Replication 5.5 solution makes true hybrid cloud resilience possible.

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Decrease Downtime and Disruptions for your IBM Power Systems.

Shawn Bodily (Clear Technologies Senior Systems Consultant, IBM Champion, @PowerHAGuy, and all around HA/DR guru) shows how IBM’s Geographically Dispersed Resiliency (GDR) for Power Systems improves business continuity in a demo video.

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Why Clear?

server_blackFor nearly 25 years, Clear Technologies has serviced over 300 companies. By integrating the strategy, operations, and processes of clients, Clear’s unique approach transforms infrastructures into responsive systems that deliver strategic advantages. Our solutions improve service, enhance flexibility, ensure critical application performance, enable cognitive convergence, manage content, and reduce costs. As a trusted partner who will help improve both your technology and your competitive edge, we with, an integrated portfolio of products, deliver the customized performance and flexibility you need to manage growth and respond to new opportunities.