VSI Helps Predict Storage Needs for Data Analytics

Current Data Analytics Demanddata analytics

Data analytics is becoming more essential for business success.  Data growth averages around 50% to 100% per year because of improved collection methods.  Data growth creates increased demand for data storage.

Organizations face rising hardware costs along with the increased cost of managing the increased need for storage.  IT Professionals are looking at Storage Resource Management (SRM) to help them navigate their storage environments and improve data analytics functions.

Storage Resource Management

SRM involves optimizing the efficiency and speed with which a storage area network (SAN) utilizes available drive space.  SRM identifies underutilized capacity in storage servers, identifies non-critical data that could be moved to less-expensive storage, and helps predict future capacity requirements.  Predicting storage requirements allows companies to allocate data analytics resources to improve decision making and improve ROI.

Visual Storage Intelligence®

As storage infrastructure continues to expand it is critical to have a clear picture of your data environment.  Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) is the leading storage intelligence tool that helps you map out storage array utilization, configuration, and free space.  VSI is a Software as a Service that provides a visual analysis for your storage array(s) in minutes.  Learn more about VSI.

Features of Visual Storage Intelligence®
  • No Installation Required
  • Comprehensive Storage Anayltics on Demand
  • Non-intrusive SAN analysis and reporting
  • No agents required
  • Cloud enabled
  • Graphical data representation

In a few steps Visual Storage Intelligence® will analyze your current storage arrays and provide a report that identifies areas for optimization.  Sample reports that you can produce with VSI include:

  • SAN Reports
  • NAS Analysis
  • Static Reports (offline)
  • Online Reports with drill down

Visual Storage Intelligence® is a multi-vendor storage reporting tool that works with a wide array of technologies from VMWare to EMC.

Clear Technologies helps businesses identify and correct issues with their storage.  Contact one of our Storage Experts and start optimizing your storage and data analytics today.