Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

IT Support for Enterprisesit support

Clear Technologies provides enterprise IT Management and IT support services to customers.  Enterprise
IT management solutions:

  • manage platforms to monitor and manage the entire IT infrastructure
  • Improve work flows
  • Provide faster resolution of service issues
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Significantly improve operational efficiency
Enterprise IT Management Challenges

Managing enterprise infrastructure is inherently challenging.  Meeting the challenge involves choosing either a single supplier or multi-vendor infrastructure for hardware, software, and applications.  IT support decisions for enterprises are complex, it is critical to generate positive ROI on enterprise IT management solutions.

Two issues are becoming important when dealing with enterprise IT management challenges.  The first issue is managing the configuration and maintenance of servers.  Companies need a cohesive configuration capability for local, cloud, and off-premise server installations.  Secondly, companies need to manage their enterprise mobility platforms, matching mobile requirements to the needs of the overall business.

Configuration Management

A key challenge is to limit downtime and speed deployments within the data center.  Configuration management tools help companies keep systems under control and working properly.  Clear Technologies addresses this challenge by offering Enterprise IT management services that:

  • Streamline OS deployment
  • Manage patches
  • Standardize desktop/server interface
  • Work across heterogeneous environments 
Enterprise mobility management

Enterprise mobility management is no longer about simply connecting mobile devices to a server or allowing access to company resources remotely.  Users expect application-feature and data-access parity between their mobile devices and the devices they use in the office. Finding the proper balance between employee empowerment and business needs is the crucial requirement for any mobile enterprise IT management solution.  There are four key IT support areas to consider for a robust enterprise IT management solution for mobile devices:

  • Devices: what mobile devices will be supported
  • Apps: what apps need to be available regardless of device
  • Data: how will it be accessed
  • Security: how will data and privileged information be safeguarded

Clear Technologies works with customers to develop IT Support Services and enterprise IT management solutions matched to business needs. We help companies improve efficiency, reduce costs and turn technology into a competitive advantage.