In a dynamic business environment, business agility is critical to your success. Agility (the ability for IT and its provided services to adjust to meet new demands) and Operational Velocity (The speed by which new services or products can be faster delivered to market) rule the roost. Composable Infrastructure is a new approach to architecture that allows you to deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload using software.

Hardware and software are architected as one, which unlike many other data center architectures, Composable Infrastructure systems are built right alongside the software that will manage the environment. This tight coupling ensures that the two sides of the house cooperate to make sure that business workloads are well supported. . Composable Infrastructure makes it a breeze to manage resources, including compute, storage, and fabric. It used to take weeks to deploy and stand up new infrastructure. With Composable Infrastructure you are able to achieve the same goal but within minutes.

Composable Infrastructure offers many benefits including:

  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by composing pools of compute, storage, and network resources automatically optimized to support your application and workload demands.
  • Drives continuous delivery of applications and services with policy-based automation.
  • Enhances agility with dynamic, rapid provisioning of an infrastructure that’s aligned to specific application or workload needs.
  • Improves performance by matching workloads to resources that best meet the required service quality and service levels.
  • Supports DevOps with smooth integration inti operations, provisioning, configuration, and orchestration tools.


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