Cloud Enablement

Which cloud is right for you?

Talk to us about the right cloud for your business and we’ll give you an answer – plus a $25 gift card!

As the cloud continues to evolve and grow, more and more companies are moving some, most, or all of their IT systems to a cloud solution. However, as there are multiple types of cloud solutions:

  • Private cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

The question becomes – what is the correct answer for your business?

At Clear Technologies we focus on helping customers identify the best environment for their needs. We then utilize Zerto to deploy and optimize that environment. We allow you to choose between hypervisors, storage providers and clouds! The Zerto Cloud Continuity platform is designed to handle data across multiple sources including on-premise, any cloud solution, or a hybrid.

Key elements of our Zerto solutions include:

  • Migrate workload to the cloud
  • Replicate data to the cloud for HA/DR applications
  • Move data between cloud providers
  • Manage Hybrid cloud replication

Let us help you integrate your business operations with cloud services, become more flexible and agile, and improve your IT resilience.

We’re ready to take you to the cloud – are you ready for the journey?

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