A simple, easy-to-use data availability solution
for virtual machines.

Data Protection and Availability for Virtual Environments

 Virtualization reduces infrastructure costs and allows for faster provisioning and deployment; however Virtual Machines (VMs) still require protection like traditional infrastructure needs.  High Availability solutions enable automated failover and instantaneous recovery; however, replication tools can be an expensive proposition for organizations with hundreds and thousands of VMs, which is why many companies turn to backup solutions for virtual environments.

Spectrum Protect Plus

One of the leading solutions for virtual backups is IBM’s Spectrum Protect.  Recently, IBM has added additional benefits to Spectrum Protect with its newest release – Spectrum Protect Plus.  Spectrum Protect Plus simplifies data protection using intuitive self-service portals and SLA-based backup templates to remove the complexity of doing virtual backups and restores.  There are four key benefits of Spectrum Protect Plus that differentiate it from competing tools:

  1. Ease of Use – portal and policy-driven protection that anyone can manage and utilize.
  2. Simplified Deployment – a solution that can be implemented in minutes and offering industry-leading protection in an hour.
  3. Quick Recovery – easy management enables instant search and restoration.
  4. Advanced Data Governance – achieve maximum efficiency by utilizing a complete storage strategy of disk, tape and cloud.

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