Hiring Effectiveness and How AI Changes the Game

November 6, 2018

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Most organizations today face the challenge of attracting and hiring talent – and then retaining them, keeping them engaged and adapting to change. A recent study showed 73% of candidates are passive job seekers and the top candidates are 
gone within 10 days. 
High volume recruitment is being supported with more automated applicant tracking, incorporating chatbots and intelligent insight analytics to improve hiring efficiency and effectiveness.

The Challenges in Effective Hiring and How AI Helps



➢  High volume of applicants

➢  Ability to find passive candidates

➢  Assessment can be likeability based versus success criteria based

➢  Job description quality can drive poor pool identification

➢  Difficult to determine personality match to team and company

➢  Logistics of scheduling multiple candidates for multiple interviews

➢  Ongoing applicant tracking difficulty



➢  Use of bots for identification of candidates across multiple data sources

➢  Chat system to allow candidates to better understand company and job

➢  Using AI to assess build and match to job description and identify success criteria

➢  Use of AI / personality insights to measure fit to role, team and company

➢  Use of AI to identify likelihood to switch

➢  Use virtual assistants to engage, screen and also to schedule interviews

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant is an AI-powered talent management solution that helps job seekers explore your organization to find and apply for the job that best fits them. It engages them in conversations about the company, analyzes their deeper career goals, and then recommends positions suited to their skills and interests. A job that fits a person’s skills and fulfills aspirations exponentially increases the likelihood that they will love their job, excel in their careers, and become highly engaged, productive employees.

Technology in conjunction with human expertise is much more powerful than technology alone or people alone. Applying AI powered technology makes the hiring process simple and efficient, benefiting recruiters, job seekers and employers alike.

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Watson Candidate Assistant

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