IBM Enhanced Support Services – Maximize IT and Minimize Cost!

Today, businesses are challenged to maximize IT availability while minimizing IT Operational Costs, increasing pressure to do more with less, but they may not have the appropriate resources in-house.

IBM Enhanced Support Services are Technology Support Services that help companies alleviate the pressure to do more with less by easing resource and skill restraints, reducing operating cost and complexity, and improving availability.
Basic and essential offering tiers are combined in IBM Enhanced Support Services (ESS) plus a menu of additional support options that allow clients to customize their unique support plan. These include services for both Hardware and Software.

With a highly tuned dispatch and call management system, professional hardware or software service reps are readily available to handle the clients call and advanced tools are used to quickly identify any problem and find a solution.

For companies who lack sufficient in-house resources or who have critical, complex environments, IBM ESS will help simplify the management of your multi-vendor hardware and software environment and keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Avoid the cost and business impact of an unexpected problem with IBM ESS.

See below for options and contact us for more information!

IBM Enhanced Support Services Options

Account Advocate

A single source of support for problem resolution with fast, efficient resolution by IBM product support specialists.

Software Support Services-Enhanced Technical Support

Use an integrated, proactive support approach to help improve system availability and control costs.

Software Support Services – Custom Technical Support

Customized, personalized support helps prevent software performance problems.

Software Support Services – Enterprise Support Option

Customize your hardware and software support to help maintain productivity.