Software Audit Consulting Services

Clear Technologies is constantly adding new service offerings and partnerships to offer more value to our client relationships.  One of those services is Clear’s Software Audit Consulting Practice.  This service, which is part of our Financial and Maintenance Services pillar, was created to help clients better manage their software portfolio.  The practice mitigates compliance and audit risk, improves entitlement usage, and can even cut software spend up to 30%.

The Compliance Program is a structured framework offering a variety of services and deliverables, to provide clients with the following: insight and software optimization, optimized Software License Agreements, reduced costs, the knowledge to make informed decisions with guaranteed continual compliance.

This program significantly reduces the chance of being audited, and optimizes clients’ ROI.  The service is delivered in environments with software publishers such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, VMware and many others.

There are three pieces to our methodology for software audit consulting services:

  1. Control – Discover, take inventory, create normalization through client’s current tools and entitlements. Run customized scripts to understand utilization to gain full understanding of the software estate.
  2. Cost Optimization – Maximize existing licenses, reduce future spend, and avoid use cases that can result in costly over-licensing
  3. Risk Mitigation – Ensure compliancy and audit avoidance moving forward

This service is a great addition to our Financial and Maintenance Services portfolio that already includes Financing Consulting, Maintenance Audits, and Lease Audits.  If you would like to hear more about Clear Technologies Software Audit Consulting Services, contact your account representative or today!