Storage capacity and Performance monitoring with VSI

With the growth of Big Data and explosion of the internet of things, Storage Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring have become imperative to business success. Many IT departments are having to deal with an influx of unstructured data. Unstructured data has grown to comprise over 80 percent of the data created.

Technology is growing and changing at a rate that is impossible to keep up with due to the decrease of IT budgets and the increase of demands. Even with that, less than 50 percent of all data was created in the past two years. With the price of storage dropping, IT departments are not able to buy more storage. Visual Storage Intelligence is able to forecast the growth pace of a company’s storage environment which helps take the guesswork out of their storage strategy development. VSI is also able to help companies stop being reactive and develop a proactive storage strategy. With the use of Visual Storage Intelligence, businesses have the tools to properly plan for future growth.

A successful storage strategy will also include maximizing the current storage environment. VSI bridges financial restraints and demands to do more with less, which in today’s business is too common. We typically find that roughly 10%-20% of an array’s storage capacity is using about 80% – 90% of the array’s performance. Visual Storage Intelligence, with its data driven analytics, allows businesses to maximize the utilization and performance of their storage environment. In a recent example, VSI increased a large airline client’s utilization from 30% to over 50%.  This is higher utilization than most industry standards and has saved them an additional spend of over $4 million dollars.

The real benefit of VSI rests in its ability to create synergy between IT departments and management.  This is so because of its ability to provide actionable intelligence allowing companies to make smart business and financial decisions while maintaining an ongoing reduction in their IT budget.