Maintenance Audit 

Our maintenance and audit services practice will review the current maintenance status of your IT environment. Leveraging our strong relationships with core IT hardware and software manufacturers, we will develop a report detailing the hardware and software maintenance expiration dates of all of your IT systems.  This maintenance audit is intended to significantly improve insight into your IT infrastructure.

Help prevent lapses and downtime.

Take proactive measures in your IT environment to help eliminate lapses, prevent downtime, and boost performance.

Simplify maintenance contract support.

Enjoy the ease of accountability for multivendor systems contracts, saving your company time and money.

Accelerate productivity.

Maintenance renewal visibility means more productivity for your business, less revenue impact, and greater customer satisfaction.

Our report will help you identify your hardware and software exposures on any systems that are not currently covered by maintenance.  Proactively discovering these exposures can save your company time and money, allowing for company resources to be used on more strategic tasks.  We will also draw your attention to any impending maintenance expirations to eliminate the potential for any lapses in coverage.
The findings of our audit will serve as a valuable resource in enabling more consistent and predictable resource budgeting by aiding you in efficiently managing your equipment’s maintenance throughout its lifecycle.  We will assist you in identifying opportunities to sync up your maintenance expiration dates, which will reduce the number of contract renewals you are obligated to address each year.  This inevitably leads to fewer missed renewals and more consistent coverage across your environment.
Being covered by maintenance is one thing, but the ability to reach the right support contacts in the least amount of time possible can vastly reduce the extent of the negative financial impact caused by outages.  We will also illuminate potential opportunities for enhanced maintenance services for your most critical systems that will drastically reduce your downtime in the event of an outage.
It can be a daunting task keeping your ever expanding IT environment running smoothly with minimal downtime.  Keeping track of multiple IT support contracts doesn’t have to be difficult. Clear Technologies, Inc. can help offload this burden. Contact us today to get the insight you need.

With our world-class team led by two on-staff certified public accountants with over 40 years of experience in performing financial audits, you can be assured that you have the insight necessary to effectively manage your maintenance contracts and ensure all of your vital systems are covered.


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