IBM Power + MongoDB=Unstructured Data Cure?

The explosive growth of social applications, big data, mobile access and cloud computing is changing the way applications are developed.

Unstructured data – video, images, audio – is becoming more prevalent, which can be problematic for traditional databases. Applications often need rapid access to a constant stream of small reads and writes for millions of records that don’t fit into traditional SQL database structures. NoSQL can be a better option to relational databases for state-of-the-art applications.

A NoSQL solution can offer significant advantages to businesses and organizations that want to reduce database management costs, improve application response time and provide faster access to data and analytics.

MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance open source document-based database that harnesses the innovations of NoSQL and maintains the foundation of relational databases. It is a database that fits into the enterprise stack, secured, monitored automated, and integrated with the existing IT infrastructure and staff.

IBM® Power Systems™ with POWER8® are designed for big data and analytics, providing more threads per core, memory bandwidth and cache than other platform options. These benefits translate into superior performance gains for MongoDB running on POWER8 servers.

Clear Technologies was an IBM Beacon award finalist for our MongoDB and Power Systems solution that we delivered to our clients.

A large healthcare client in the Southeast was able to utilize the processing and multiple threads of Linux on Power Systems running MongoDB to cut their average call time by clients into their call center from 9 minutes to 6, a 33% decrease.  This was done while decreasing the server sprawl a traditional x86 solution would have used; reduced power and cooling; and provided increased reliability, availability and serviceability.

If you have been looking into NoSQL databases or are just curious to learn more about the possible benefits contact us today!