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Free IBM PowerHA upgrade readiness assessment for AIX systems.

IBM PowerHA System Mirror for AIX is a data center solution that maximizes application availability by combining resources in ways that allow multiple servers to access them. This creates system redundancy that leads to high availability and system resilience. PowerHA System Mirror creates powerful HA/DR environments that deliver uninterrupted access to core business services and applications regardless of component failures or planned and unplanned outages.

Clear Technologies, an IBM Platinum partner, has been working with PowerHA systems for 3 decades. In fact, our very own Shawn Bodily is an IBM Power Systems champion and is a frequent author, instructor and speaker on all things PowerHA System Mirror for AIX.

The 7.2 version of PowerHA System Mirror was released in October 2016. Among its many benefits are:

  • Greater automation
  • Higher levels of resilience
  • Lower costs to implement
  • Easier upgrades
  • Automatic verification checks

Let’s find out if your system is ready for the latest PowerHA System Mirror upgrade.