IT Resilience – a proactive approach to business continuity.

In today’s connected and evolving world, businesses need to be available to their customers 24/7. Zerto’s Virtual Replication solutions move beyond backup and recovery to IT resilience – providing businesses with the ability to withstand any disruption, easily incorporate new technology, and keep the business running uninterrupted.

The Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 5.5 release came equipped with new features, making true hybrid cloud resilience possible with a repeatable, dependable recovery solution. These features allow businesses to:

  • Maintain resiliency as infrastructure evolves.
  • Protect, recover, mobilize and test critical production workloads.
  • Rewind and recover individual files, folders, VMs, application stacks or entire sites.
  • Ensure minimal data loss, minimizing the impact of disruptions.
  • Enable true hybrid cloud flexibility.

ZVR 5.5 is the only future-proof, all in one replication and recovery solution – making disaster recovery simple and scalable across private, public and hybrid clouds. With Zerto Mobile, you can securely monitor protection across multiple sites anytime, anywhere on mobile, tablet or web.

What else is possible in ZVR 5.5?

  • If you need to satisfy upper management to prove your DR strategy is working:
    • Zerto analytics gives you complete environment status visibility including sites, protected machines, alerts, and tasks as well as RPO across the entire organization,
  • If you want to avoid complex and expensive data center projects:
    • With Zerto’s ever expanding APIs you can rapidly perform actions, remove human error, and have a relatable, dependable recovery solution
  • If you’re an ecommerce retailer whose infrastructure handles bursts during the holiday season:
    • ZVR offers burstable performance, Scalability, and regional coverage of Microsoft azure. Just failover before the surge, enable reverse replication and get your workloads back on prim ounce the burst has settled.


With Zerto’s Virtual Replication 5.5 you’ll be able to realize the true and full potential of hybrid clouds with all the flexibility and security you’re used to having in your on-premises environment. Contact Clear Technologies today to discover the future of IT resilience.