Does your recovery plan work?

Want to be sure of that?

We can make sure it does!

Clear Technologies’ restore verification service for IBM iSeries, OS/400 and AS/400 environments will test your plan and tell you how to improve it by:

  • Testing your actual systems and data
  • Identifying potential data corruption areas in advance
  • Identifying issues that could cause backups to take too long to run
    resulting in a slower recovery
  • Recommending changes to speed up restoration time
  • Reclaiming server and storage space by eliminating obsolete/orphan
    record versions in database files
  • Proving that the restoration plan works – or not!


Don’t find out your recovery system does not work when you need it. Test it and improve it in

Contact us for a free Sample Report that will show you what you can learn about the effectiveness of your recovery plan.

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