RUN VSI for IBM Flash Workload Placement

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Well my boss started screaming/*
*And I don’t know what the reason/*
*Is for him to be mad/*
*I said hey diddle diddle/*
*It confused him a little/*
*A storage problem is what we have/*
*So I called up our business partner/*
*And they said they know the problem/*
*And I said we could use the help/*
*They said all our orphaned Luns/*
*Are like a burger with no bun/*
*Fix so simple you can do it yourself*
*You just need to/*

*Run VSI/ Get Your Storage Right*
*Run VSI/Get Your Storage Right*
*They told me to*
*Run VSI/Get your storage Right*
*Run VSI/Get your storage Right*

As more and more organizations move on to a multi-cloud strategy they are having more data-driven needs such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and containers. All of these new needs require a storage solution that is powerful enough to address all the needs while being built on proven technology, supporting both the existing and changing data centers.

IBM’s solution to these issues is the expansion of its FlashSystem to include the new 9100 NVMe end-to-end solution.

How will you know which workloads to put on it?

That’s where Visual Storage Intelligence comes in.

Visual Storage Intelligence is able to pinpoint exactly which workloads in your environment would benefit from an IBM FlashSystem. Don’t buy blind!

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