Disaster Recovery Services for your Business-Critical Infrastructure


Recent events highlight the need for a sound Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy now more than ever.  The goal of all Disaster Recovery strategies is to minimize downtime; however, there are many ways to accomplish this with varying levels of effort and cost.  Clear Technologies offers Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessments to ensure your current strategy meets the needs and expectations of your business.  We can also help formulate new strategies or cost optimize existing plans to best meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives.

In addition to assessments, Clear Technologies also offers a full suite of Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions developed internally at Clear, as well as through strategic partnerships.  We offer services from basic tape restoration testing to multi-site hybrid cloud resiliency solutions that are customized to meet our clients’ exact specifications and requirements.  Clear specializes in HA/DR solutions for IBM’s Power Systems portfolio and has subject matter experts with experience at clients of all sizes.  In addition to IBM Power disaster recovery and high availability services, we also bring solutions such as DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Cloud resiliency solutions to Intel server environments and storage environments from a variety of vendors.

Clear Technologies’ DR services bring flexibility and industry-leading expertise to our clients.   We have expert-level resources that can help design, implement, and in the event of a disaster be the team that helps get your business back up and running quickly.  To learn more or schedule a consultation, please reach out to marketing@cleartechnologies.net today!