IT Consulting to Maximize Linux on Power SAP Applications

Clear Technologies’ Approach

IT consulting is a key service provided by Clear Technologies. We focus on working with customers to integrate strategy, operations and processes into a responsive system that delivers strategic advantages.  This approach involves selecting and customizing hardware and software solutions utilizing our industry-leading group of partners and our expert IT consulting team.

The Clear Technologies’ team has expansive hardware options and a customizable suite of software solutions available.  Our consultants work with customers to create solutions that improve their overall technology effectiveness to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities. We pursue our belief by seeking partnership opportunities to help our customers create competitive advantages with their technology infrastructure.

Our Newest Partnership

There is an increasing need for data analytics, operational flexibility and effective processes. Clear Technologies addresses this need with complete end-to-end solutions for SAP Hana initiatives including Linux on Power environments.  To provide this service, Clear Technologies has just announced a partnership with Sage Solutions Consulting.

Sage Solutions

Sage Solutions is a leading SAP partner providing certified SAP consulting services with over 100 global SAP Sage Solutions - IT Consulting Linuximplementations.  The partnership with Sage Solutions creates an IT consulting team capable of designing and implementing infrastructure specifically to support SAP needs utilizing a Linux or Windows based operating system.

Linux Solutions We Use

Our Linux solutions utilize industry standard Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu Linux distributions. They are priced to provide superior scaling alternatives and built to support PowerKVM, the open virtualization choice for Power Linux servers. Our Linux on Power technology features dense, rack-optimized form factors.

Today’s organizations continue to create an ever-expanding universe of data increasing the need for more effective business processes, operations and analysis. This need is especially acute for enterprise customers who require skilled IT consulting to combine the most efficient technical infrastructure to enable sophisticated and flexible applications such as a Linux based SAP environment.

Our IT consultant team will work with you to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.  Our goal is to provide the technology you need to help drive your business forward.