Most organizations do not have the time, resources, and expertise to fine-tune their HA Replication software.Clear Solution

Clear Technologies will provide the customer with consulting services on a continuing basis to review and correct issues or problems that occur within a HA replication environment. The major tasks associated with this project are:

Planning – Conduct an initial planning session to determine the current HA environment including existing replication requirements and expectations, type of problems or failures that will be corrected and any limiations that are imposed.
Monitor and Manage – Monitoring and managing the HA environment on a regular basis. Perform problem analysis and attempt to correct any failed replication tasks to ensure that the replication environment remains synchronized and available.
Perform Replication Environment Administration – Where approrpriate, install updates and repairs to the replication software, advise and assit in maintaining the replication environment in regards to new objects and/or applications that need to be replicated. Provide HA Replication Report – Produce an HA admininstration report detailing the satus of major components of the replication environment and details on any steps taken or recommended actions to maintain that environment. Also provide any recommendations to improve or maintain an optimal HA environment.

Clear Benefits

  • Enhanced confidence in High Availability environment
  • Reduced HA administration and operational costs
  • Review by experienced Mimix HA professional
  • Free personnel to focus on other tasks
  • Meet service level agreements
  • Ensure compliance with government and trade regulations