You need your users to be happy. Service-level agreements are just one measure. Users want their systems to be ready to serve them at all times. Clear Technologies can help to install, configure, and customize failover software for your environment though high availability, clustering and virtualization solutions.

High availability and clustering software empowers organizations users to thrive in their real-time world. In seconds, and – more importantly — without experiencing significant downtime, these solutions cluster and then move an entire application stack to another local or remote location. At the center of high availability and clustering software is virtualization. Combined with high availability and clustering software, virtualization enables organizations to create highly redundant operating platforms so that applications may be easily ported across both physical and virtual infrastructures. Doing so, enables high availability so that organizations can survive catastrophic events of varying magnitudes with relative peace of mind. As such, our consultant teams will work with you to define application failover requirements, and then customize and test clustering software (IBM Power HA and VMWare) to support those requirements.  We then develop a cluster-failover implementation plan, including business objectives and failure scenarios and well as perform any necessary object conversion steps required with the upgrade.

Clear Benefits

High availability provides:

  • increases recovery time
  • satisfied users
  • a more efficient utilization of IT resources
  • safeguard your IBM and Lenovo servers
  • ensures availability of IBM, EMC, or NetAPP storage area networks, and the rest of your critical IT assets.
  • Efficient utilization of IT resources