Application Test Environment. Software upgrades are a fact of life for IT shops. Some common concerns among IT professionals include the impact of software upgrades, object-level conversions, new release performance expectations and homegrown application disruption.

Clear Solution

The Clear Technologies services team will:

-Recover your existing system from a full system save to hardware located at Clear Technologies.
-Upgrade your recovered system to the desired level, including installation of any new software options and PTFs.
-Perform any necessary object conversion steps required with the upgrade.
-Provide an environment where you can test the new software and application in a sand-box type environment that does not affect your production system. Access can be provided via remote connection or locally from within Clear Technologies’ location.

Clear Benefits

-External test environment
-Access to the recovered system remotely or on-site
-Exposes any configuration issues that may arise in the actual upgrade and verifies backup media dependability
-Provides a precise upgrade time estimation