ideaClear Technologies helps you create flexibility in your server, storage, and desktop environment, increasing your ability to exceed end-user performance expectations. In a cost efficient manner, Clear Technologies Consolidation and Virtualization approach, combined with the best products and talent, provides you with the level of service that best addresses your server sprawl challenges.

After designing a comprehensive virtualization or consolidation plan, the next step is to choosing the right technology. Implementing a solution can be an cumbersome task that requires focusing resources and skills. Organizations that rely only on in-house expertise often miss certain essential elements to a comprehensive solution. Our portfolio of virtualization and consolidation solutions include:

Server Consolidation
Typical servers operate at 5 to 15 percent of capacity. Server virtualization/consolidation increases utilization to as much as 80 percent of capacity, while it also improves availability, assists in disaster recovery, and centralizes server management. Consolidate multiple servers into fewer, more powerful systems. Clear Technologies specialists will help identify your best consolidation options. Then we’ll work with your management and IT staff to design and implement a custom server virtualization solution that meets your business and technology goals.

Storage Consolidation

Critical data is stored widely throughout distributed networks. When data loads increase, the complexity of storage environments increase as well. When you virtualize/consolidate storage, you reduce complexity. Leverage the technical expertise of Clear Technologies to build a secure, integrated, virtualized storage solution that will simplify storage management and support your changing workloads with greater flexibility.


Network Consolidation
The typical data center environment supports two or three parallel networks for data, storage, and server clustering. In addition, servers often have dedicated interfaces for management, backup, or virtual machine live migration.purple_server Supporting these interfaces imposes significant costs for interfaces, cabling, rack space, upstream switches, and power and cooling.

Consolidating the different types of traffic onto a single, general-purpose, high-performance, highly available network simplifies the network infrastructure and reduces costs by reducing the number of network adapters, switches, and cables and thus decreasing power and cooling requirements.

Leverage the technical expertise of Clear Technologies to build a secure, integrated network architecture that will simplify network management and support your changing workloads with greater flexibility.