AIX Technical Services

Clear Technologies offers AIX technical services, hardware and software products specifically for AIX, System P, pSeries and POWER based solutions. With over 200 years of combined technical services expertise dating back to the inception of the AIX operating system in the late eighties, Clear Technologies has been an industry leader in the following areas:


Leverage MIMIX for PowerHA to extend and enhance your data infrastructure and application infrastructure protection.

AIX Upgrades

Comprehensive technical support for AIX upgrades. Technical services for easy, low-risk upgrades for AIX with near-zero downtime.

AIX LPAR Implementation & Management

Clear Technologies’ AIX LPAR Implementation & Management services are designed to facilitate a quick and effective installation of virtual servers, or logical partitions (LPARs), on your new or existing AIX server(s).

AIX Server Consolidation

Free up your resources to work on more business-crucial tasks in your infrastructure environment. Our hardware implementation and infrastructure AIX consultant teams are ready to help.

AIX Recovery

It’s well known that businesses run their most crucial applications on AIX boxes. However, AIX users have been frustrated with the rising cost and lack of flexibility offered. This makes sense since many sources have exposed the vices of these services.  Some of the biggest complaints include inflexible vendors as well as unaffordable and restrictive contracts.

AIX Video Tutorials

PowerHA Video Tutorials created by Clear Technologies’ Senior AIX Consultants.