AIX Technical Services

With IBM Champions, Red Book Authors, Subject-matter experts and team members with decades of experience with AIX, Clear Technologies has the industry leading expertise to partner with for your AIX needs.


 Extend and enhance your data infrastructure and application infrastructure protection.

AIX Upgrades

 Easy, low-risk upgrades for AIX with near-zero downtime.

AIX Server Consolidation

Free up your resources to work on more business-crucial tasks.

AIX Hardware Implementation

Implement your new hardware in a timely and cost-effective manner.

AIX LPAR Implementation & Management

 Quick and effective installation of virtual servers, or logical partitions, on your new or existing AIX server(s).

AIX Video Tutorials

PowerHA Video Tutorials created by Clear Technologies’ Senior AIX Consultants.

Why Clear?

With the flexibility to meet any customer’s needs, our clients trust that we will efficiently and effectively get IT right the first time.