Business Continuity Solutions from our IT Consultants

Business ContinuityBusiness continuity is a critical part of any business.  Customers expect companies, their websites, and their technical systems to be available at all times. Companies must have measures in place to ensure business continuity.  A single moment of downtime can have a negative impact on a business, whether it be financial, reputation, or otherwise. In some cases, a single hour of downtime can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Business continuity is no longer a competitive advantage for your business, it is a necessity!

Clear Technologies’ IT consultants are experts in business continuity and can help ensure access to your IBM systems and business critical data, make migration to new hardware easy and fast, and keep your business in business.  Our IT consultants are IBM Power Systems certified engineers who are world class PowerHA and MIMIX experts.  We assist IBM in the writing of IBM PowerHA Redbooks and lead user groups for both Clear Technologies’ clients and non-clients.

Our IT consultants work with companies large and small. Our IT consultants work on many HA solutions including MIMIX and PowerHA to provide business continuity strategies that are tailored for your needs.  Business continuity solutions and services from Clear Technologies protect information so it is readily available in case of downtime, and make the migration to new hardware as easy, fast, and seamless as possible.  We help customers ensure that their data and applications are always available by using  MIMIX Replication as well as IBM PowerHA Systems Mirror.

IBM PowerHA System Mirror for AIX protects critical information and applications from loss by replicating data onto local and remote servers.  MIMIX replicates your company’s data in real time onto a backup server and makes hardware migration significantly more efficient.

MIMIX continuously audits information being replicated so the information on the backup servers is current and ready to be activated. MIMIX has the ability to replicate information from different systems and storage types which eliminates compatibility issues associated with different operating systems and different hardware configurations.   Preparation is key in order for companies to be ready for disaster events or unexpected downtime. MIMIX Replication also offers a virtual switch procedure that allows companies to test their backup servers and their switching plan without impacting the business.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; work with our IT consultants and learn how Clear Technologies can provide all aspects of business continuity, whether it be hardware, software, or expert services.