Disaster Recovery 

Clear Technologies offers a suite of disaster recovery services for your server, storage, virtualization, network, converged infrastructure, and datacenter infrastructure environments.

Improving disaster recovery procedures begins with customizing a solution based on the disaster recovery business requirements and documenting the tasks and procedures necessary to recover and protect an organization’s infrastructure. Our goal is to meet your business needs and come up with a reliable, cost effective disaster recovery solution.

Disaster Recovery service benefits include: better protection for business data, minimizing risk, ensuring compliance, and providing a more resilient infrastructure environment.

Our team helps you develop procedures that should be followed before, during, and after a disaster as well as the preventive, detective, and corrective measures that need to exist such as backing up data offsite, exposing new potential threats, and developing a set of action steps to restore systems post-disaster.  Through this process, we also identify optimal disaster recovery sites. Whether you are using System i, iSeries, AIX, or an AS/400 solution, our team is here to help. Our certified consultants perform a thorough IT disaster recovery audit and provide detailed recommendations based on IT best practices.