Hosting Services

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan begins with selecting a physical location for your replicated infrastructure environment.  Our dedicated team provides a comprehensive array of storage, storage area network, hardware, virtualization, converged infrastructure, and data center infrastructure hosting services options. In effect a disaster recovery system is of no use if the catastrophic event that renders the production facility inoperable also destroys the disaster recovery system.  Clear Technologies offers two types of hosting services that can help.

hosting servicesCold Site

First is a cold site service, this type of hosting service is the most traditional form of disaster recovery and includes leasing shared space on infrastructure in a hosted data center. In the event of a disaster or for the purpose of disaster recovery testing, our customers make use of the shared equipment to recover their data.



hosting services serversHot Site

The second is the hot site service, with this hosting service customers replicate their data to a Clear-owned secondary machine using a logical replication tool such as Mimix, iTera, Orion, etc. Our team also performs role-swaps or fail over tests. This service enables customers to rely on our dedicated consultant team to leverage a fully implemented, managed, and documented solution. Whether you are using System i, iSeries, AIX, storage, or an AS/400 solution, our team is here to help. Our certified consultants perform a thorough IT hosting analysis and provide detailed recommendations based on IT best practices.