IT Support and Enterprise IT Management Utilizing IBM IMS™

clear7The key ‘must have’ for IT Support and Enterprise IT Management solutions is reliability.  You must have a partner in place who is accountable for the performance of your systems. This can become complex when you have multiple support contracts with different service levels and systems across your technology platform.

At Clear Technologies, we rely on IBM’s Integrated Multivendor Support to provide IT Support and Enterprise IT Management for our customers. IBM Integrated Multivendor Support is designed to establish a single point of accountability and a simplified contract structure for multivendor hardware and software IT Support and Enterprise IT Management services. IBM Integrated Multivendor Support streamlines operations, decreasing the management burden on IT staff, freeing resources for more strategic tasks, and helping to improve reliability, efficiency, and cost control.

IBM Integrated Multivendor Support reduces downtime by streamlining problem identification and resolution across your environment. It has been successfully deployed by thousands of clients. With an IBM Integrated Multivendor Support solution, your IT staff will spend less time coordinating multiple support contracts and more time on critical business needs. An IBM Integrated Multivendor Support platform can help you get the most from your existing system by more effectively managing your equipment lifecycle, bringing efficiency to budgeting, and reducing IT complexity.

A Clear Technologies IBM Integrated Multivendor Support IT Support contract provides you with a single point of accountability that will increase your system availability and reduce costs through more efficient contract management.  Customers typically reduce their contract management costs by 30 to 40% with an IBM Integrated Multivendor Support implementation and gain the peace of mind of an IBM backed solution. Clear Technologies will function as your advocate and by deploying IBM Integrated Multivendor Support will deliver skills and experience across a broad range of technologies, reduce costs, and simplify budgeting.

We can easily consolidate your existing IT Support or Enterprise IT Management contracts into a single IBM contract for IBM and non-IBM maintenance services, including support for HP, Sun, Dell, Brocade, EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, Juniper,  and other vendor platforms.

When you streamline your maintenance support for hardware, software, and your multiple vendor relationships with Clear Technologies as your single point of contact, you enhance equipment return on investment, reduce IT support costs, and enable predictable budgeting.