A comprehensive backup recovery offering protects the value of your infrastructure through backup recovery.

Weathering a successful disaster always starts with planning. This planning usually needs to take place months or years before an actual disaster. Moreover, thorough plans increase the likelihood of a quick and complete recovery. Planning for an IT disaster should include three components including a data backup strategy, backup infrastructure, and a recovery procedure.

For backup strategy, our consultant teams help you to define what needs to be backed up and how frequently to perform the backups and how long to retain the data. This is a critical part of your disaster recovery plan.

For backup infrastructure, our consultant teams help you delineate the server or infrastructure that will be used to restore your data. This backup server can be owned in-house, or, in many cases it can be leased on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

For recovery procedure, our consultant team will develop a recovery procedure that include details such as, where all media are located, how to access the backup infrastructure, how to perform data recovery, and emergency contact information for critical persons.

Through this service, customers are able to rely on our dedicated consultant team to leverage a fully implemented, managed, and documented solution. Whether you are using System i, iSeries, AIX, storage, or an AS/400 solution, our team is here to help. Our certified consultants perform a thorough IT backup and restore analysis and provide detailed recommendations based on IT best practices.