Intel Server Consolidation – VMWare

Intel / Wintel server customers have many different (disparate) physical (stand-alone) servers in their Intel server environment running their server workloads. These Intel server environments can range from mail servers and file servers, to application servers. Having many different physical Intel servers in the technical environment can pose the following issues/challenges:

  1. Physical servers are less redundant – Virtual environments are clustered together, thus, sharing a number of physical Intel servers. One single server failure is often unnoticed by the application layer.
  2. Physical servers are more inefficient – dedicated hardware, software and human resources which may or may not be used vs. virtualized Intel  server environments which can share idle and unused resources.
  3. Physical servers create a large management overhead – each server needs to be managed separately vs. virtualized environment where all hardware can be managed through a single interface.

Clear Technologies can assist in the following areas including the performance of a physical-to-virtual Intel server environment consolidation where we will go in and assess the client server environment to determine which of the Intel servers can be virtualized; and how to architect the virtual environment (size the environment appropriately), build the virtual environment, perform the migration from physical to virtual environment, and manage the environment.

Our skills and services include:

Intel Servers:  Installation, Upgrades, Virtualization.
Windows:  Server Editions, Installation, Upgrades, Problem and Change Management.
VMware:  Installation, Upgrades, Virtualization, Problem and Change Management, Administration.
Citrix:  XenApp, XenServer, Netscaler: Installation, Upgrades, Problem and Change Management, Administration.
Cisco:  Hardware and Software Installation, Upgrades, Problem and Change Management, Administration.  Networking, VPN, Firewalls, Wireless Networks.