Wintel Agile Recovery Services

It’s well known that businesses run their most crucial applications on Wintel boxes. However, Wintel systems administrators have been frustrated with the rising cost and lack of flexibility offered by Wintel disaster recovery providers. This makes sense since many technical analysts have exposed the vices of these disaster recovery services.  Some of the biggest complaints include inflexible vendors, unaffordable Wintel recovery contacts and restrictive disaster recovery conditions.

With Clear Technologies Wintel Agile Recovery Services we fill an important gap in the wintel recovery marketplace.  Clear Technologies offers a reliable solution for Wintel users who thought remote backup and recovery and other high value cloud management services were beyond their reach.


Some of the features and benefits of the Wintel Agile Recovery Services ™ include:

  • High-flexibility- Wintel customers set the terms and conditions of the disaster recovery contracts
  • High-availability – access data and applications 24/7
  • High-efficiency – your data and applications are expertly managed and stored
  • High-predictability – eliminates dollar and effort bottlenecks
  • High-assurance – data is protected, monitored, and easily recoverable