Unified Communications

Unified Communications connect devices and people in order to improve user experiences and increase performance. Clear Technologies provides Unified Communications services to its clients which simplify environments, reduce costs and create a better communications strategy for both internal and external end-users.

Clear Technologies partners with a select number of vendors to provide the tools and the services needed to effectively deploy Unified Communications.  Two of those partners are Cisco and West Corporation.  Cisco is the global leader in networking. West is one of the premier Hosted Collaboration solution providers. Together, they offer a suite of solutions that are unparalleded  in terms of performance and price.  Clear Technologies adds additional value through its 25 year history of datacenter experience, bringing high-level technical skills down to all facets of an organization.

Clear offers many hosted services around Unified Communications to find the solution that fits our clients’ specific needs and environment.  These solutions include Conferencing & Collaboration, Managed Voice, Network Services, Webinars & Enterprise Streaming, Cloud Contact Center and more.  Clear offers these Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) to enable clients ability to be on best-of-breed solutions that increase satisfaction of end-users – without the cost and complexity things deploying their own communications infrastructure.

Cloud-based communications offer an immense amount of flexibility for organizations as they transform.  Companies no longer have to overspend to create a three to five year communications strategy for each employee to ensure the same level of service.  Now companies can be nimble and add new features and functions that can be rapidly deployed, but also scaled back when necessary.

Traditional communications infrastructure required numerous people to not only deploy, but also manage.  Through Clear, clients can access world-class Unified Communications without creating and maintaining complicated environments that are not fully dependable.  Clear Technologies, along with Cisco and West, offer Unified Communications as a Service that deliver superior user experiences at a lower cost than traditional on-premises communications.

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