Provides a visual health analysis of your complex SAN environment in minutes.data_integration


Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) is a SaaS that provides a visual health analysis of your complex SAN environment in minutes.

As the complexity of a storage environment grows, so does the complexity of visualizing and assessing storage utilization. Accordingly, IT departments spend hours assessing, compiling, and trying to predict current and future storage usage – often adding time and money to analyses..VSI quickly helps you visually map out your SAN storage utilization, configuration, and free space. Without installing anything, VSI’s technology provides a true in-depth analysis.

Sample Reports

Executive Summary

  • Summary of resources
  • Quick view of resources
  • Manage storage effectively
  • Minimizes or avoids outages
  • Better planning
  • Maximizes storage ROI


Administration Views

  • View storage array configuration
  • Analyze resources (allocated/committed/free)
  • Determine balance
  • Identify free space
  • Detailed host analysis
  • Detailed array/RAID group analysis
  • Storage by Virtual/Physical machine


Drive Level Data

  • drive-level-dataShows drives mapping
  • Identifies drive performance
  • Identifies hot spares
  • Loop lay-out
  • Array group layou



storage-by-server1Storage By Server

  • Storage mapping by server
  • Type of storage mapped to each server
  • Storage balance for each server


Top Issues Identified by VSI

  • Orphaned LUNs
  • Unassigned drives
  • Fragmented free space
  • Duplicate LUN names
  • Orphaned snapshots
  • Non-optimal storage type assigned to host
  • Performance bottlenecks


Demo Video on the type of reports created in minutes with Visual Storage Intelligence®(VSI).

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To better demonstrate the value of our Visual Storage Intelligence® solution, we provide a complimentary quick assessment of your storage situation.

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