Use Cases and Benefits 

Delivered as a software as a Service (SaaS), Visual Storage Intelligence® provides a visual analysis of your complex storage array(s) in minutes.

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For the end-user focused on long term utilization.

Visual Storage Intelligence® provides integrated analytics across your core storage arrays and cloud environments. Seven levels of reporting provide the clarity your team needs to judiciously provision the right storage in the right place, only expanding when truly necessary.

For the end-user with immediate storage challenges.

Visual Storage Intelligence® provides provides insight through reports on your existing storage arrays to identify any current and future challenges and help your team gain a better understanding of how your storage can be optimized before simply purchasing more capacity.

For the Clear storage consultant.

Visual Storage Intelligence® provides the holistic view necessary for Clear Technologies’ storage consultants to  suggest effective recommendations around array optimization and future purchase recommendations.

For our partners. 

Clear Technologies offers Visual Storage Intelligence®, which provides a holistic, cross-vendor analysis of existing customer storage environments, to gain actionable intelligence for effective recommendations on future storage requirements.

Use case by feature. 

Multi Storage Vendor Reporting Consolidation

Having a hard time consolidating reports from your heterogeneous storage environment? With VSI, your company can enjoy the benefits from a single, holistic view of your storage arrays.

Capacity Planning & Forecasting

Need to know the pace at which you’re growing? Make better business decisions with detailed insight provided by VSI.

Flash Analyzer

Can’t get your head around Flash and Multi-tiered storage? Use VSI to identify specific workloads that would benefit from a flash storage array.

Cloud Migration & Preparation

Moving to the cloud? Use VSI to determine the best migration strategy.

SAN Healthcheck

Don’t know if your storage arrays are configured correctly? Quickly compare your array with a “best practices” configuration.

SAN Optimization

Want to maximize your storage environment? With VSI you can ensure your SAN is optimized to deliver results.

Replace Manual Spreadsheets

Although a useful tool, spreadsheets are hard to populate, difficult to maintain, and vulnerable to human error. Let VSI simplify your efforts.

SAN Troubleshooting

Have performance problems? Don’t waste time or energy manually determining the root cause. Simply use VSI to find and fix the problem.

Storage Reclamation

Tight budget, but need more space? With data growth at a record high, you can no longer afford to store, ignore, and buy more storage. With VSI you can reclaim or re-purpose orphaned spaces.

File Level Analysis

Moving to cloud, but not sure which files should be moved? Our File Level Analysis can save you money by helping you only keep the most used data on the highest performing (and costly) storage arrays.

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