A Letter from Our President, Phil Godwin

December 5, 2019

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It’s that time of year again when we sit down and reflect on all that we have accomplished this past year, and begin planning for the year ahead.

This has been a year focused on transformation for Clear Technologies, Visual Storage Intelligence, and Clear Intelligence. We moved offices in April, where many of you joined us for our Open House catered by the chef to the Royal Family, Chef Darren McGrady. During the event, I spoke about how across our 3 businesses, our mission is simple: to bring real business value to our clients through the use of technology.

Last year we launched Clear Intelligence where we were a finalist in the Watson Build competition for our food traceability blockchain solution. Today, we have developed an AI vision solution that uses cameras and machine learning to uncover defects during the manufacturing process. Two very different solutions, both driven to solve a clients’ unique problem. We have built a team at Clear Intelligence that works relentlessly to find real-world applications of AI/cognitive solutions.

This year Visual Storage Intelligence 5.0 launched with advanced capabilities including unstructured data analysis. Our team of developers work tirelessly and because of their efforts, we were named a finalist for the 2019 SDC Awards “Storage Management Innovation of the Year” which speaks volumes to how far we have come. VSI was created and evolved solely out of solving a specific client need. I am most proud of the fact that as we approach the 10-year anniversary of VSI, that same purpose continues to drive our innovation today.

I recently listened to a podcast that featured Simon Sinek who is famous for his find your “why” speech. In this podcast he discusses the idea of finite games and infinite games and reaches the conclusion that there is no end to the pursuit of winning in business. Business is a continuous journey of transformation.  This reminded me of our philosophy here at Clear. We strive for one simple goal – never stop driving real business value to our clients through the use of technology. That one goal guides our day-to-day tasks, our partnerships, and our ongoing transformation.


I want to wish you all a happy holiday! We look forward to continuing our ongoing relationship and mutual success.


Phil Godwin

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