CLEAR TECHNOLOGIES | Increase Your Power to Innovate with IT Modernization

In today’s fast-paced world of continuous change, IT decision-makers are being challenged to maintain existing IT systems and create a foundation for future innovation. The challenge to migrate legacy operations and adapt for the future while improving overall productivity and business performance proves difficult for many IT teams. The goal of IT modernization is to get more out of your IT investments while freeing budget and time to prepare for the future. By shifting to modern software, platforms, and processes, you can accomplish faster delivery of software and services to meet internal and external demands. Modernization is an essential transition for success in the digital world. Standardization A complex IT environment requires additional time, resources, and budget to manage. Inconsistent processes [...]

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Clear Technologies Announces Revolutionary New Service for Transforming Storage Optimization

  Dallas, Texas – [September 21st, 2021] – Clear Technologies, a leading solution provider of IT consulting, server, storage, and software products, today announced the unveiling of a new service offering, Capacity Planning-as-a-Service, taking their storage expertise to the next level. In partnership with Visual Storage Intelligence, the Capacity Planning-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solution is a significant advancement in the future of storage optimization. Digital transformation heightens the need for continuous storage capacity analysis for determining critical IT infrastructure, application and financial resource needs. The CPaaS solution provides on-demand, comprehensive, actionable insight into the utilization and performance of any storage environment. CPaaS also eliminates the costly risk of over-provisioning cloud storage. With CPaaS, IT executives can ensure staff resources remain focused on normal [...]

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Cybersecurity Resilience: Preemptive Protection for Your Storage Environment

Cybercrime continues to grow at an alarming rate. Companies have seen the highest average financial impact due to ransomware attacks in 2021, increasing from 3.86 million USD to 4.24 million USD.  Many companies are faced with the question of “When?” and not “If?” an attack will happen to them. Stop wasting time thinking about what could happen and focus on the reality of what to do when it happens. Is your cybersecurity resilience strategy airtight? Protect your most valuable assets and mission-critical applications during the recovery of a cyberattack. Build a multi-level strategy to reduce downtime, save money and decrease human error. Analyze Your Storage Environment The first step in defining a cybersecurity resilience strategy is being able to recognize warning [...]

CLEAR TECHNOLOGIES | Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Collaboration

During the pandemic, the collaboration tool video conferencing has turned into a pop culture phenomenon. Social media and TV advertisers use funny web conferencing mishaps to attract “likes” and customers and maybe even go viral. The practical reality is that unified communications (UC) tools have enabled most organizations to make a successful switch to a remote workplace, whether employees are working in sweatpants and pajama bottoms or not. An essential part of a successful business collaboration strategy is using a cloud-based collaboration platform. Cloud-based collaboration provides a way for companies to maximize and unify their business collaboration tools, making the most of their employees and better serving customers. Optimizing the Remote Workplace Collaboration tools are essential now that most companies have [...]

CLEAR TECHNOLOGIES | Key Advantages of Developing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

For companies that want to modernize their operations and use data more efficiently and securely, hybrid cloud is a great option. However, for your organization to advance in its digital transformation journey, you need to do more than just adopt hybrid cloud. You must develop a hybrid cloud strategy. Executive SAP Solution Architect Bob Gagnon emphasizes the importance of a hybrid cloud strategy, stating, “What strategy is emerging? Well, the hybrid strategy is gaining a great position: a strategy where a customer virtualizes on-premises for production workloads and leverages public cloud for other workloads. This strategy allows control of, and perimeter hardening of, the data.” A hybrid cloud strategy will ensure that hybrid cloud resources align with your business goals and [...]

CLEAR TECHNOLOGIES | How to Choose the Right Cloud Model

The number of cloud models that are available is increasing. Today’s companies can choose between hybrid and multicloud models in addition to public and private cloud. More choices can add to the difficulty of selecting the right cloud model for your company. According to the 2021 State of the Cloud Report, hybrid cloud continues to dominate the market, with 78% of respondents indicating that they use it, while only 19% use public cloud exclusively and a mere 2% use only private cloud. Preferences for certain cloud models fluctuate, but a rise in the popularity of one model doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your business. The cloud model your company chooses should align with company goals and the requirements of [...]

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