VSI® Storage Health Check

IT Services for Storage

Storage related IT services are becoming more important because companies need reliable it servicesand efficient access to their data. The relentless pace of data growth stresses an organization’s ability to keep up and makes managing storage infrastructure a critical IT task. Decisions about data storage have significant operational and financial implications. In order to maximize storage efficiency, companies need a clear picture of their current storage infrastructure and insight into their future needs.

Storage Health Check

A Storage Health Check is a core IT service from Clear Technologies that provides clients with insights on utilization, risks, and opportunities related to the storage environment. With rapid data expansion, Clear Technologies recommends frequent health checks on data storage. A storage health check examines:

  • Storage utilization/configuration
  • Performance Trends
  • Duplicate storage
  • Inventory of storage arrays
  • SAN optimization

IT Services teams from Clear Technologies conduct Storage Health Checks to help companies design, deploy and manage storage environments. Our focus is to maximize efficiency with storage solutions capable of adapting to future needs.

Storage Analysis and Assessment

Clear Technologies IT Services teams use a variety of tools to help companies understand the current state of their storage environment. We analyze existing operations to provide insights and recommendations for future storage resource decisions.  Our tools range from free software to robust Storage Resource Management solutions from IBM, EMC, NetApp and others.

A primary tool is our proprietary Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) solution.  Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI)  is a SaaS solution that provides in-depth data storage analysis without installing anything.  Our cloud application provides a comprehensive, cross-platform view of your most critical storage and management performance metrics.  Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) storage usage assessment and storage analysis combine to uncover storage management issues and help companies reclaim wasted space, time, money, and effort.

Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) from Clear Technologies

Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) requires no training, no agents, and effortlessly addresses and predicts storage usage.  Information is delivered in a simple graphical format that helps people to see and understand the data

Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) works in a multi-vendor environment and eliminates the cost and complexity associated with storage reporting.  Clear Technologies IT Services uses reports and insights from Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) to help customers save time and money while improving the efficiency of their storage environment.