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July 6, 2018

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For the always on, always available world, a Cloud or Hybrid Cloud strategy is key to maintain a positive client experience, meet service level agreements and combat competitive pressures from other businesses.  However, beyond using applications that are “born in the cloud,” many businesses do not know where to start or have a way of measuring where they are to begin planning for the future.

Software Application and Baseline Reporting

It’s all about knowing for sure what you have so you can begin architecting for the future.  Clear Technologies’ Application & Software Assessment will enable your organization to take those steps so the to start or even continue your journey to the cloud.  In addition to cloud and hybrid-cloud enablement, the assessment also aids in critical projects such as data center moves, yearly budgeting, and employee turnover.

Our offering is platform agnostic. Once the discovery process is complete, we will provide you with a table showing all of your applications along with relevant data points for hardware/software capacity & lifecycle planning.

In order to scale, the approach we use consists of both manual and automated discovery. The full meaning of “platform agnostic” is understood. For us it means clients may have platforms we have never seen before. No problem. We’ll get the data points manually the first time and then automate for scalability in the future.

Building your unique baseline dataset is step one. Clear can provide substantial added value through analysis of the raw data:

  • Per-application Software Lifecycle Planning
  • Server, Storage, & Network Infrastructure Lifecycle Planning
  • Consolidation Planning for Virtualization, Containerization, & Cloud
  • Granular Policy, Process, Facilities, and Compliance Validation

To begin your journey with a Clear Technologies’ Application & Software Assessment, Get In Touch with us today!


Charles McCane

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