Cloud-enable your IBM Power Environment

September 4, 2018

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Today, there are two basic schools of thought for architecting the infrastructure of the future: on-premise hardware or Cloud.  While both options can take many different forms (and have wildly different pros and cons), they are the basic decision one must make when modernizing their environment.  On-prem hardware can lead to lower long-term costs with better performance and more control, while Cloud offerings can offer lower upfront costs, faster speed to market and less management overhead.

What if you could have an environment with the benefits of Cloud in on-premise architecture?

This is exactly what IBM Cloud Private offers: the speed of the public cloud with the control of owning your own hardware.  IBM Cloud Private is a Kubernetes-based container platform that embraces modern workloads and dynamic provisioning all within your own datacenter – minimizing risk, complexity and cost.  IBM Cloud Private offers Rapid Innovation, Hybrid Integration, and Compliance & Management all while leveraging your current investments.

IBM Cloud Private

IBM Cloud Private also enables cloud benefits in IBM Power environments.  IBM Cloud Private for Power strengthens its industry-leading reliability and performance capabilities while adding the automation and flexibility of Cloud.  Clients run on IBM Power for its ability to handle mission-critical applications – IBM Cloud Private enhances that ability while also providing an easy avenue to add new technologies such as AI, Blockchain and IoT.

Here are three of the reasons you should consider IBM Cloud Private for IBM Power today:

  1. Leverage your current investments in IBM AIX and i while modernizing those environments for the future.
  2. Add the ability to use containers to quickly deploy new solutions such as AI and Blockchain.
  3. Increase the agility of your environment for a Cloud-like approach to infrastructure for new AI and Machine Learning applications.

All of these features and more can be added to your environment for very little investment. In fact, adding this to a IBM POWER9 proposal is as simple as adding a part number. Clear Technologies has IBM Power Systems  subject matter experts ready to show you how this would work at your organization.  To learn more about how to modernize your environment and add the best of Cloud to your environment, contact your Clear Technologies rep today.

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