Custom Technical Support 

Along with exciting new IT-based initiatives comes exponential growth in IT infrastructure size and complexity. These complex, powerful, & versatile servers & storage are increasingly challenging for in-house client staff to cost effectively manage & maintain.   | Contact Clear to Learn More 

Custom Technical Support (CTS) provides clients with the most comprehensive end-to-end support service that IBM offers to help reduce operational costs, increase IT staff productivity, and optimize reliability and performance.

Customize the services you need.

CTS provides a menu of support service options that lets you select the services you need to help keep your critical IT systems running. It also allows you to decide which issues you consider “critical.”

Access the services you need — when you need them.

When a problem does occur, you can quickly access the help you need using your own direct access code – bypassing the administrative problem-reporting layer and routing you directly to your dedicated priority support team.

Anticipate and prevent problems with proactive advice.

CTS helps anticipate and prevent problems through proactive advice on new applications and technologies with timely maintenance and security recommendations, advice on best practices to avoid problems, and access to a robust suite of analytical tools.

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