From Data Recovery to Resilience

Virtual Data Replicationdata recovery

Virtual data replication is a key trend in data recovery.  Companies use data replication to safeguard against the catastrophic loss and cost of being unable to recover data from a system failure.  Today’s virtual environments require disaster recovery solutions that work with Virtual Machines (VMs).  Zerto’s disaster recovery solutions are specifically designed for virtual environments.  Clear Technologies partners with Zerto to provide clients customized data recovery solutions.

Zerto Virtual Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication is built from the ground-up to be a simple, yet powerful data recovery solution for virtualized infrastructures.  Whether a virtual environment is based in VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, Zerto Virtual Replication delivers enterprise-class disaster recovery.  Zerto works across private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds and satellite offices.  Zerto includes data recovery operations in a single solution that:

  • Recovers one, all, or a subset of any virtualized application
  • Replicates and recovers data from any location to any other storage location
  • Maximizes the benefits of virtualization
Data Recovery to IT Resilience

The potential loss of critical data and applications drives companies to develop business continuity, data recovery, and disaster recovery solutions.  Innovations in storage, data management, and replication create an opportunity for companies to move beyond data recovery towards IT Resilience.

IT Resilience occurs when the response to a disaster or disruption takes place without impacting users and customers.  With IT Resilience the focus changes from data and operational recovery to continuous availability.  IT Resilience solutions from Zerto are not dependent on:

  • Hypervisors
  • Hardware
  • Clouds

Zerto data recovery solutions incorporate new technology processes and procedures without disrupting business operations.

Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform

Zerto’s Cloud Continuity Platform is an evolution of Zerto Virtual Replication.  With the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform organizations can withstand any disaster, confidently embrace change, and focus on their business.  Along with enabling IT Resilience the Continuity Cloud Platform:

  • Is a true Hybrid cloud solution
  • Helps recover from any disaster
  • Replicates locally, to a private cloud, or to a public cloud
  • Simplifies migration
  • Enables innovation and modernization of the data center

Clear Technologies utilizes Zerto solutions to create custom data recovery solutions for our customers.