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The Apparel Group. Ltd (TAG) designs and markets men’s and women’s apparel though their own brands and through nationally recognized private labels at major department stores, specialty retail, and e-commerce stores across North America. TAG has a reputation for excellence in product quality and best-in-class supply chain capabilities.

As the leader in the production of innovative apparel, TAG’s leadership continuously invests and expands their product offerings, service capabilities, and technologies to provide maximum value to their customers. To accomplish this, TAG has consistently relied on Clear Technologies and IBM. Specifically, for the past 7+ years, TAG has relied on their IBM iSeries and xSeries servers to run their financials, Lawson enterprise resource planning systems, and Manhattan Warehouse Management System.


Today’s volatile merchandising environment posed a challenge to TAG’s already impressive backend infrastructure. Cycle times have been shortened, making time to decision and quick turnarounds even more critical. With these new requirements, 24×7 system availability is essential especially since TAG’s business analytic systems are constantly needed to assess trends, forecast future orders, and formulate pricing. To address these challenges, TAG needed a backend infrastructure that was faster, more robust, and protected against outages and disruptions.


They needed an environment that will roll its sleeves up, get to work fast, and continue to work.


Because of their longstanding relationship, TAG once again called on Clear Technologies and IBM. They purchased the IBM PureFlex Chassis with IBM i Power nodes and Intel Nodes with VMWare to provide them with an industry leading architecture geared for flexibility and growth. They also purchased a V7000 storage unit for their storage requirements. This architecture not only helped them to simplify and consolidate their environment, but also provided them with the increased bandwidth, memory, and processor speed to enable their current and future business analytic needs. Last, they were able to leverage Clear’s knowledge of disaster recovery solutions in MIMIX and VMWare to meet their disaster recovery needs. They were able to immediately reap the rewards of these systems because of Clear’s familiarity with the environment. In the end, TAG was able to realize a quick and affordable refresh of their most crucial systems in order to further secure their prevailing position as the world’s leader of innovative apparel.

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