Finding the Right Cloud Solution

Mar 06, 2018

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Cloud Computing

There are an endless number of options for clouds and cloud services in the market and the major cloud providers such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft offer a myriad of solutions within their cloud portfolios.  Clear Technologies can help wade through the multitude of options and find the best cloud implementation for your companies specific needs.

Why go Cloud?

Cloud offers an extreme amount of flexibility and scalability for both new and existing workloads.  There are many benefits of Cloud including:

  • Ability to turn up and turn down workloads based on the needs of the business
  • Rolling out new projects quickly and easily without significant investments
  • Collaboration with users worldwide without the need for expensive networks connecting them
  • Options for all types of workloads – resource-intensive applications such as high-performance computing, virtualized environments spread across thousands of servers, and long-term backups
  • Lower costs when managed appropriately than on-prem hardware

How to choose the right Cloud?

Choosing the right Cloud (or Clouds) is a tough decision.  Let Clear Technologies’ team of Cloud experts help you through the journey of identifying your needs, configuring the solution, migrating to the cloud and long-term management.  At Clear Technologies, we believe organizations should consider the following when looking for the right Cloud for them:

  1. Select the Cloud provider that is flexible and can adjust their offerings to fit your needs.
  2. Find a Cloud that offers industry specialization and recognizes that all companies are not built the same.
  3. Leverage Clouds with access to the latest technologies such as AI and Blockchain.
  4. Let your Cloud transform with you – innovation starts with a partnership and both organizations should try to improve each other.


Interested in learning more about how Clear Technologies can help you with your Cloud search? 

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