Hyper-convergence. Is it for you?

June 5, 2018

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Rapid proliferation of applications and the increasing cost of maintaining legacy infrastructure causes significant IT challenges for many organizations. Complex manual processes and non-integrated infrastructure can’t provide the power, simplicity and speed necessary to meet the demands of the enterprise.

Hyperconvergence offers the availability, performance and capacity needed—while future proofing IT infrastructure and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). It allows IT operations to be simplified by breaking down traditional silos and allowing storage, compute, networking, and virtualization to be managed with the same hardware, which eliminates inefficiencies and accelerates compute.

Generally, a hyperconverged infrastructure:

  • Enables centralized management of virtual environments via a single interface, which decreases labor-intensive activities
  • Offers streamlined acquisition, deployment, support and management
  • Provides a scalable, building-block approach that is easily expandable


Hyperconvergence, like convergence, eliminates traditional IT management issues by packaging data center services such as server, storage and network and allowing them to be managed in a single application. But unlike convergence, hyperconvergence is a software-defined infrastructure that decouples infrastructure operations from the system hardware and converges them at the hypervisor level into a single building block (thus hyper converged).

HPE SimpliVity is a powerful, simple, and efficient hyperconverged platform that joins best-in-class data services with the world’s best-selling server and offers the industry’s most complete guarantee. With HPE SimpliVity, you can streamline and enable IT operations at a fraction of the cost of traditional and public cloud solutions by combining your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated solution.


What makes HPE SimpliVity different from other solutions?

  • Powerful – Modern data architecture that powers and protects some of the world’s most efficient and resilient data centers
  • Simple – Intuitive VM-Centric management that streamlines operations and empowers IT generalists.
  • Trusted – Recognized market leadership, long-term viability, and best-selling server platform in the industry
  • Complete – Single building block combining all IT infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads


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