Navigating the AI Era

with IBM Power9

There is a lot going on in the world. The rate of change in technology is disrupting industries and companies quicker than ever. Industry analysts predict that within 8 years, over half of the Fortune 500 will have disappeared. The deluge of data being produced today is happening at the same time that IT budgets are being slashed.  Successful IT organizations are adapting by learning to ‘do more with less’ with Artificial Intelligence in mind.   IBM has taken steps to make that easier with the introduction of the all new Power9 System.

The new Power9 System was designed with Artificial Intelligence in mind. Most systems today are ill-equipped to handle enterprise level data volumes, are not specifically designed for AI workloads, and are not easily scalable.  The new Power9 systems solves these problems. 

The new Power9 AC922 system is the first server based on the Power9 processor and armed with an interconnect technology designed to accelerate the movement of data between the IBM processor and GPUs from Nvidia.

The Power9 System is ready for the AI Era with:

Exceptional Next-gen Design
Architecture ahead of x86 servers and better-equipped to handle today’s data-intensive HPC and analytics workloads

More Data, Faster.
Up to 5.6x more I/O throughput and memory bandwidth, 4x threads. 4th generation PCIe and 2nd generation NVLink, and 2ndgeneration of CAPI.

AI at an Unrivaled Scale.
AC922 is the backbone of CORAL Summit, meeting milestones to deliver 200+ PetaFlops of HPC and 3 ExaFlops of AI as a service performance.

The Power9 has 4x more threads per core, 9.5x more I/O bandwidth, and 2.6x more RAM possible vs. x86.