Your budget is shrinking. Yet, you need to do more. Sound familiar?

This is something that all IT departments are dealing with right now – including you. It is hard to find places to cut costs when everything you are dealing with seems critical to the success of the business. Clear Technologies is here to help.

What if we told you that you could reduce costs, simplify, and ensure maintenance on your IT environment across all vendors? IBM Technical Support Services Integrated Multivendor Support (IMS) can do all of that and more.

Communication with management is the key between an approved and not approved IT initiative and when it comes to management, numbers speak volumes. The IBM IMS offering can reduce maintenance cost and save 30 – 50% of OEM maintenance offerings.

When it comes to maintenance there are certain things that need to be assured, reliability being the most important. You need to be confident that your IT environment is reliable and that should a problem arise, there is a plan in place to take care of it.

Here are some benefits IBM IMS can offer:

Clear Technologies understands the problems that IT departments are facing and we know we can help.  Contact us today to get started!