Hiring the right person for the right seat sounds easy. It’s not. It’s hard, it takes time, it takes patience, and it takes talking to a lot of people. Even then, there is risk. At Clear Technologies, we are unyielding in our search for the best people possible—great people who think like owners, are team driven, know how to get the job done, and have potential to be the best producing “assets” a company could hope to invest in.

With each additional hire, we aim to continue raising the bar so that our culture and team flourish. Every person who joins, especially in small business, is either adding positively to the culture or taking away from it. We have had our share of missteps, just as any small business has, which is why we sought out additional help. We knew there must be a way to improve upon our hiring process.

One of the biggest game-changers for Clear Technologies in 2018 was our partnership with Culture Index. Culture Index aims to help organizations “maximize their bottom line by optimizing the organization from the top down”. Business is a war for talent—plain and simple – especially in the IT space. Culture Index has been a key part of our strategy to hire the best talent possible.

At Clear Technologies, we no longer interview applicants until they have taken a quick 5-minute survey, which gives us their “dot profile”. Their profile tells us more about who they are based on six distinct traits: Autonomy, Social Ability, Pace, Conformity, Logic, and Ingenuity.

Looking at these combined traits helps us to understand how a potential hire will “naturally arrive at decision making, how they prefer to communicate, the pace they prefer to work at, and their conformity towards detail orientation”.

Prior to creating a job description for an available position, we have our team take the same survey for the type of person they think will do best in the role. This gives us a better idea of the profile we are looking to match with our future team member. Imagine that—getting feedback and real data from those who will work most closely with that person, prior to posting a job description. That might seem like a given, but I know most small businesses do not follow that procedure.

In addition to radically altering our hiring process, Culture Index has been utilized to help us better understand each other within the organization. Improving our internal communication has encouraged stronger collaborative efforts amongst our team to more effectively and efficiently serve our clients. As an organization relentlessly dedicated to improving our responsiveness and performance, Clear Technologies is always seeking new and innovative ways to separate ourselves from our competition, and we believe that Culture Index does just that.

If you are interested in taking the survey and learning more about the process, you can do so here. I cannot say enough about what Culture Index has done for our business, and I couldn’t imagine our hiring process without it.