5 Ways Clients are Utilizing Clear Managed Services to Transform their Business

Information Technology has changed and continues to change at an incredible rate.  IT organizations are being forced to do increasingly more against tougher challenges while being told to lower costs and reduce complexity within their environments.  At Clear Technologies, we strive to provide value at all levels of our client.  One way we increase value is through our Managed Services practice.  Clear Technologies Managed Services allow clients to focus on core competencies while allowing Clear to manage other parts of their IT using best in class services.  The following are five ways our clients are utilizing Clear Technologies Managed Services to transform their business:

1. World-Class Specialized Resources

Currently, Clear Technologies’ clients are using our managed services through the use of our on-staff resources for remote administration, resource monitoring and day to day management of their infrastructure.  Clear Technologies employs world-class resources to support our infrastructure business.  Our resources not only help plan, architect and implement the solutions we sell, but can also help manage those systems.  Whether our clients need IBM Power i and AIX remote administration, VMware monitoring or backup management services, we can provide managed services that assist our clients by supporting their environments with our team of certified professionals.


2. Enterprise-Level Resiliency

 Clients are also using Clear Technologies Managed Services to enable enterprise-level resiliency for their IT environment.  While every client would like to have the very best disaster recovery and business continuity strategy, not all have been able to implement one.  With our managed services offerings, our clients have access to all levels of IT resiliency services that can enable a more nimble enterprise in the face of any adversity.  Our areas of expertise include IBM Power with award winning resources in Vision MIMIX and IBM PowerHA, in addition to virtual environments where we utilize partners like Zerto.  In addition to hosting replication targets, we can also assist in design, planning and implementation of a variety of DR, Backup, and Platform as a service offerings.


3. Better Resource Utilization

Another way our clients are using managed services is to increase the utilization of current and future resources.  Through Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud offerings, organizations are able to evaluate each application and workload and determine what makes the best sense for their company and their clients.  Clear can help with cloud orchestration, migration to the cloud, bursting during times when mission critical apps need the most attention, and offloading infrequently used data to the least expensive platform available.  In the end, we help our clients to maximize the value from purchases they have made and to make the best decisions moving forward.


4. Increased Security

Security remains a chief concern of business leaders and shows no sign of diminishing anytime soon.  Clear Technologies Managed Services helps clients keep up with the vast amount of daily threats, both internal and external, as well as the increasing number of security vendors and publishers helping mitigate those dangers.  Managed security services is one of the fastest growing services in the world.  Clear works with many of the top security consultants to provide a full portfolio of services to our clients.  Whether our clients require penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, compliance services or full-blown managed security monitoring, Clear Technologies, and our security partners, can offer the full spectrum of services needed to keep any organization safer.


5. Lower Operational Cost

Finally, our clients are using Clear Technologies Managed Services to lower operational costs.  Operational expenditures are rising and will continue to rise as more vendors push clients into the cloud and to the “as a service” model.  We work with our clients to analyze their current vendors and contracts and determine the best way forward to lower costs, increase performance and ease vendor management of the monthly services often overwhelm our clients.  Services include bandwidth, colo, VOIP, managed print, and many more.  We work with the top providers of these services and assist our clients as they look to add, subtract or consolidate these agreements.  Many times, we can lower the cost of these services from providers our clients currently use.


Clear Technologies Managed Services helps our clients in many more that the five ways listed.  If you would like to discuss more about how our services can assist in your environment, please contact Clear Technologies today at sales@cleartechnologies.net